From Forestry and Wood Milling to
Construction Management and Development

Over more than 50 years a Family Business
Evolves into a Regional Industry Leader.

The  Lachance Construction  story begins over 50 years ago with the
incorporation of  Bois A. Lachance Lumber Limited.

From the humble beginnings of a farm and forestry based family business,  Lachance Construction  has evolved into one of the largest and most successful construction companies in the area.

Below is a brief look back at the history of  Lachance Construction.
Aurelien Lachance, his wife and three children moved to Harty purchasing a farm that also had a sawmill on its property. Eventually Aurelien raised a family of 10. Not surprisingly, the children weren't too keen on farming, but his sons became very interested in forestry.

As the years passed they became more involved in the local forestry business, working various related positions harvesting, and in the mill.

Bois A. Lachance Lumber Limited was incorporated. The sawmill had acquired cutting rights of 5,000m3 of spruce per year.

Aurelien sold a minority stake in the company to his four sons.

Bois A. Lachance Lumber Ltd. acquired Moonbeam Lumber's cutting rights, providing for an additional 10,000m3 of spruce per year.

Aurelien sold his remaining stakes in the company to his sons. The mill ceased operation and harvested wood was sold to other mills in the region for processing.

Laurier Dumais & Sons, a sand and gravel producer in Kapuskasing, was acquired. The company name was changed and Lachance Construction was launched. The company operated as a sand and gravel producer, and as well performed civil construction and road building services in the Kapuskasing area.

The wood mill restarted and operated until it was permanently decommissioned in 1992.

Aurelien's son Roger Lachance became the sole proprietor of both companies, buying the remaining shares of the business from his brothers. The wood cutting rights were sold to a local mill. Bois A. Lachance Lumber Ltd. became a Logging contractor specializing in the loading and hauling of wood for local mills.

The present Lachance Construction administrative and garage facilities were built in Kapuskasing.

The mill and the planer were sold and its main office was transferred to the Kapuskasing facilities.

Lachance Construction diversified into General Contracting executing Commercial, Industrial and Institutional projects.

Both companies were amalgamated under Bois A. Lachance Lumber Limited with Lachance Construction becoming a division under the parent company.

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